Satlink ELB3010 ISD+

The Satlink ELB3010 ISD+ is the first truly double echosounder solar buoy. The buoy has been designed in the same line of its predecessor buoy, the ISL+, to enhance responsible fishing while simultaneously optimize and increase efficiency and thus productivity for fisherman.

Satlink ELB3010 ISD+ has the same philosophy as the ISL+ Buoy with the difference that the new ISD+ buoy once it makes the measurements of “fishing alert”, it gives an estimation of the predominant tuna specie. Based on this information, we can adjust the estimated number of tons of each layer, something that at the time was impossible to know.

Satlink ELB3010 ISD+ model has two built-in SIMRAD scientific echo-sounders. These echo sounders transmit via satellite the amount of biomass they detect below the buoy to a depth of 115 meters.