Satlink VMS / ERS Solution

A growing number of countries are gradually demanding vessels monitoring systems that go beyond the traditional information requirements such as position, course activity and name of fishing vessels.

Furthermore, counting with more detailed information means that statistical data of significant use can be drawn up. However, due to a lack of standardisation in data exchange between fishing authorities, the system needs to be flexible so it can be easily adapted to upgrades and modifications or for future new requirements when they become necessary.

Satlink’s VMS/ERS solution complies with those requirements, as the Satlink Interface Server works as the gateway for information to be exchanged between the Inmarsat network and fishing authorities or shipowners.

The flexible design of Satlink’s VMS/ERS solution allows a tailored system configuration for fishing authorities or shipowners. In this way, Satlink’s Interface Server can be used as a central server or can be sub-divided into various servers.