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Last modification: May 2021

1. Aims of the policy

The Satlink, S.L.U. policy on quality (hereinafter, “Satlink”, the“Company” or the “Business”) is intended to achieve the following objectives:

  • That as well as complying with legislation and regulations and following the recommendations on matters of quality and the environment, the company seeks to improve its performance by means of a set of regulations that voluntarily impose a corporate policy on quality and the environment.
  • That the effective gradual incorporation of this policy is considered by all members of the organisation as one of the Company’s assets, and therefore as a factor to be preferred by customers.
  • That the incorporation should be monitored and evaluated in the interests of continual improvement.

2. Strategy

2.1. Our strategy is aimed at providing products that will satisfy our customers by meeting the requirements set out in the contracts or orders established with them, as well as the requirements established in all applicable legal and regulatory standards. To that end, we will use all means at our disposal to ensure we operate with the appropriate work methods and processes in order to provide reliable products in accordance with the requirements of each case, and always in compliance with current legislation at both the general and specific level of the telecommunications sector.

2.2. Our strategy includes the intention of continual improvement, aimed at ensuring the Company’s good environmental behaviour, both in ways of working and in internal management processes, training of the Satlink workforce and the image of our Company.

2.3. We consider the following to be essential aspects: (a) reducing response times for customers; (b) having appropriate mechanisms in place for selecting suppliers; (c) having a portfolio of products that are fit for purpose.

2.4. It is also key for our activity, and thus forms part of our strategy, to have beneficial relationships with suppliers. We are interdependent and a mutually satisfactory relationship adds value to our organisation.


3. Commitments to best practices.
To this end, the following specific practices need to be implemented:

3.1. Regarding employees

  • The Company undertakes, using the means at its disposal, to inform, explain and update the contents of this policy, for which the Chief Executive is ultimately responsible for its implementation and maintenance, by means of monitoring and regular review in accordance with Point 6 of this policy.
  • To that end, Satlink shall provide the necessary means and resources and shall take the necessary steps to ensure that this policy is maintained up to date as a documented course of action, that the organisation is kept informed and that it is made available so that employees have access to it.

3.2. Regarding customers

  • Establishing customer relations in terms that are conducive to ensuring their long duration, with the entire organisation focused on understanding what they desire and providing them with superior quality, security, reliability and service.
  • Communicating with customers throughout the implementation of projects, based on continual dialogue, generating trust.
  • Conducting customer satisfaction surveys in order to monitor the quality of the services provided or the goods supplied.

3.3. Regarding management systems and processes

  • The Company undertakes to study and improve internal processes, relating them to external processes and improving their effectiveness, by applying an approach based on data gathering for improved decision making on matters relating to the management system. Satlink understand that, to achieve this, it is essential to continue with the best practice of complying with the established formats and using the most objective information.
  • Satlink will give the necessary priority to preventing errors and defects, as the best way to improve the levels of quality of its services and its environmental performance.
  • The Company undertakes to commit to the continual improvement of the quality management system and environmental improvement to improve environmental performance.

3.4. Regarding suppliers

  • Satlink undertakes its commitment to inform possible suppliers and subcontractors of the environmental and quality requirements inherent to the services provided, establishing means to ensure their compliance.
  • Establishing verification systems to ensure that the parts of the good or service incorporated by suppliers have superior quality, security, reliability and customer service.
  • Conducting technical evaluations of suppliers. 

3.5. Regarding the environment

  • The Company is aware of the need to respect and protect the environment as an inseparable part of the provision of the service relating to the design, management of the manufacture, marketing, installation and repair of satellite, radio and electronic observation systems and communication, as well as the post-sales service of satellite communications system for the aerospace industry.
  • Satlink further assumes the commitment of applying the legal requirements and compliance with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as any others that may exist in relation to environmental aspects and other commitments that the organisation may make on matters of quality.
  • The Company undertakes to identify and subsequently assess the environmental aspects inherent to the activities carried out, with the aim of understanding their nature, magnitude and incidence.
  • Satlink undertakes to take the necessary steps to maintain best practice aimed at preventing and reducing contamination and minimising the most significant environmental aspects, as well as with regard to any possible emissions, discharges and hazardous waste, with the aim of not damaging and minimising any harm caused to the environment as a consequence of our activity. Likewise, the appropriate measures shall be established to protect the environment, including preventing any contamination, as well as other commitments pertaining to the organisation’s particular context.
  • Similarly, the Company assumes the commitment to maintain good communication and collaboration with administrations, public and private bodies and any other interested parties when required to do so, with regard to all matters of environmental management.

4. Comprehensive quality and environmental management system.

4.1. To put this policy into practice, Satlink currently has a comprehensive quality and environmental management system in place based on the LINEEN- ISO 9001, UNE- EN 9120 and UNE-EN-ISO 14001 standards, depending on the office, with the appropriate criteria in place to ensure an organised way of working and implementing the necessary internal processes to cover our external needs with regard to customers and other interested parties.

4.2. The Company’s purpose is to optimise its operations and manage them effectively to ensure that the targets set each year can be met. As with any form of management, this requires that any changes to be made need to be suitably planned for, implemented and consolidated. Furthermore, the Company is fully aware that it must ensure an internal environment that encourages participation by the workforce, involving them in the processes and securing their collaboration to achieve the goals set.


5. Monitoring.

The results of applying the policy need to be suitably monitored. Heads of department at all levels, particularly those with responsibilities in monitoring management and internal auditing, shall assess the application of the specific practices contained in this company policy on quality and the environment, reporting to their superiors to inform them of any possible failures of compliance.


6. Supervision.

Compliance of the Company’s policies and rules on quality and environmental matters, and internal codes of conduct, must be supervised by Chief Executive, which will propose the steps to be taken that are deemed necessary to ensure compliance and rectify any negative impact resulting for any possible failures in said compliance.


Managing Director
Satlink, S.L.U.


Last updated: 28 May 2021