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Satlink launches its 'reuse' program for the tuna fleet: circular economy for sustainable fishing solutions

Las empresas pesqueras alargarán así la vida útil de sus soluciones tecnológicas, amortizando al máximo su inversión y potenciando la sostenibilidad de su actividad

28 July 2022
  • satlink-programa-reuse-para-flota-atunera-economia-circular-para-soluciones-de-pesca-sostenibles-d6921ead Satlink launches its 'reuse' program for the tuna fleet: circular economy for sustainable fishing solutions

Satlink, a Spanish technology company specialized in satellite telecommunications, continues to set the pace in terms of fishing sustainability: after collaborating with Albacora fleet in the refurbishment and reuse of its smart buoys, the technology company is now promoting a circular economy system with the entire tuna purse seine fleet operating in the Indian Ocean, one of the most important fishing grounds in the world.

This program, called 'ReUSE', involves the collection by Satlink of the DSF (Sustainable Fishing Devices) delivered by the vessels at its facilities in the port of Mahé, and the reconditioning of those suitable for reuse, which will be then delivered to the vessels, as well as the recycling of those materials that cannot be reconditioned. The initiative has already attracted the interest of leading fishing companies, such as Echebastar, Inpesca or the French company Sapmer, among others, which will not only extend the useful life of their Satlink devices for fishing, maximizing the return on investment, but will also contribute to the sustainability of fishing and care of the oceans, eliminating their environmental impact by being recycled.

Satlink's constant R&D efforts have enabled it to progressively reduce the use of plastics in the manufacture of its technological solutions, as well as the replacement of its batteries with solar panels, eliminating the polluting waste generated by the former, including lead. All this has earned Satlink recognition from the United Nations Global Compact for the contribution of its technology to the protection of the oceans and underwater life.

The ReUSE program thus joins the company's other sustainable initiatives, grouped under the 'Zero Impact' campaign to actively contribute to minimizing the impact of fishing activity on marine ecosystems. It should be noted that 'ReUSE' is the second initiative launched within this framework so far in 2022. A few months ago, Satlink launched 'NetCycle', an initiative for the removal and reuse of abandoned or lost fishing nets and other fishing materials in the Maldives archipelago, with the involvement of local coastal communities.