Satlink will provide broadband satellite communications to the spanish customs surveillance operations fleet

Permitirá a la flota, por ejemplo, enviar imágenes de sus misiones en tiempo real o la actualización rápida de los distintos sistemas vitales para su operativa. 

12 September 2022

Satlink, a Spanish technology company specializing in satellite telecommunications, will provide broadband satellite communications services (VSAT) to the special operations fleet of the Customs and Special Inspections Department of the Tax Agency (Spain). The aim of this agency is to have sufficient voice and data transmission capacity and speed to speed up its procedures when acting "in situ" in its different missions.

As the successful bidder of the tender, Satlink will provide the vessels with both broadband satellite terminals and communications services (voice/data) at a flat rate. By way of example, this service will enable this fleet to send images of their missions in real time, take statements in the field to speed up operational procedures or quickly update the various systems vital to their operations.

Satlink will provide this service by relying on its agreement with Hispasat, given the excellent coverage that its satellites offer in the areas where this fleet usually operates. The agreement with the Spanish operator allows Satlink to have satellite communications capacity that it manages and operates directly under the Virtual Network Operator (VNO) model, which allows Satlink to maximize the performance of satellite services and adapt them to the needs of each client.

In addition, and according to the signed contract, Satlink will manage the service and will provide 24x7 assistance and technical support to the vessels from its new satellite communications technology center located in the town of Marín, Pontevedra, which has the material and human resources of reference for the management of these solutions.

With this contract, Satlink reinforces its technological leadership in satellite connectivity services for Government and Public Administration units, such as the Civil Guard, Ministry of Defense or Maritime Rescue, for its operational capacity and technical flexibility to ensure critical telecommunications services uninterruptedly and with maximum efficiency.

According to David Carmona, Director of Satellite Communications at Satlink, "nowadays, reliable, fast and guaranteed communications are one of the key elements that make up the capacity of any body that has to face critical missions, such as those that this fleet usually tackles, as they can decide the success or failure of an operation. From Satlink -adds Carmona-, we feel very honored to continue contributing to this success with a leading technology in this field, which places the units in charge of protecting the interests of our country at the forefront".