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  • OBSERVACION-ELECTRONICA-R-3997cca7 Electronic monitoring

Electronic Monitoring


Satlink designs and manufactures all the necessary tools to help governments, regulators, and industry players better manage the fishing activity.
Satlink possesses over 8 years of experience in the field of Electronic Monitoring, with on-board solutions tailored to a wide range of vessels types and sizes– from small scale coastal fisheries to deep sea commercial fisheries.
Having deployed more than 280 SeaTube systems in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans, Satlink works with all stakeholders to achieve different monitoring objectives.
We look forward to becoming the partner of reference in the design and deployment of Electronic Monitoring solutions worldwide.

elb3110%20manager-02 Electronic monitoring
Modular solution, adaptable to any EM program objective: Compliance, scientific, fleet management...
electronic%20monitoring-01 Electronic monitoring
Compliant with EFCA guidelines, UNE and ISSF standards. CE marked.
electronic%20monitoring-02 Electronic monitoring
Largest dedicated team of software and hardware engineers that lead the innovations in the market.
Internet of Things (IoT) for fisheries management

Satlink is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of IoT solutions, specialized in fisheries management.


On-board operating systems on all kind of vessels


Trained observers and analysts worldwide


Data Review Regional Centers deployed.

Satlink_worldwide_facilities-9ff65a14 Electronic monitoring

Solomon Islands

6 Purse Seiner
20 Longliner
4 Pole & Line


2 Transshipment


1 Carrier


7 Longliner


6 Purse Seiner
1 Longliner


15 Purse Seiner


65 Longliner


8 Purse Seiner

Cook Islands

2 Purse Seiner


34 Purse Seiner


7 Longliner


42 Longliner


4 Purse Seiner

Republic of Palau

4 Longliner

Marshall Islands

6 Longliner

Federated States of Micronesia

5 Longliner

New Caledonia

1 Longliner


2 Purse Seiner


2 Trawlers

On-board solution

Satlink has designed this solution to integrate all on-board electronic monitoring technologies. Collected data is encrypted to ensure its privacy and confidentiality; the system cannot be tampered with.

  • control-unit-ad7d3a7b Electronic monitoring
    SeaTube components


    The SeaTube control unit is the “brain” of the system. It powers all components of the system and manages the recording and storage of information (video and data). The core unit is normally connected through a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to the vessel’s power supply.

  • EM-Camara2-501439f5 Electronic monitoring
    SeaTube components


    SeaTube is designed to work with PoE cameras and supports up to 4 (Nano) or 8 (Nano+) cameras without additional hardware. These cameras can record video in a resolution of up to 2 MP (1920x1080) and offer the highest image quality on the EM market, even in dark environments.

    The cameras are mounted with Satlink’s proprietary waterproof housing, making them the only ones on the market to achieve IP-68 (submersible) grade.


  • almacenaje-electronic-monitoring-f33f009b Electronic monitoring
    SeaTube components


    The SeaTube control unit has 2 (SeaTube Nano) or 4 (SeaTube Nano+) removable HDD/SSD hard drive bays (2.5” and 7 mm high).

    All video, image, sensor and metadata recordings are stored on removable HDD/SSD for their later transmission. It can manage up to 4 SSDs of 8TB, storing data for periods of up to 1 year without any additional hardware.

  • cam-repeater-mock-up_r-fa959f27 Electronic monitoring
    SeaTube components


    The SeaTube Cam Repeater unit is a portable computer that is installed on board the vessel with a web browser for watching camera-generated streams, as well as displaying system health status and sensor information in real time.
    The SeaTube system allows as many Cam Repeaters on board as needed, enabling the captain to monitor on board operations.

  • sensores-grafico_r-b766efa9 Electronic monitoring
    SeaTube components


    Depending on its configuration, the SeaTube may include a sensor box along with several connected sensors.
    The sensor box supports up to 8 analogue and 8 digital sensors. While more features can be added on demand, the system currently supports the following sensors: hydraulic, rotation, light, temperature, main haul door opening, crane scale.

  • EM-Antena_r1-50ef35a3 Electronic monitoring
    SeaTube components


    SeaTube can relay the output data through any communications gateway, including:

    • A satellite communications unit
    • A GSM/4G router
    • A VMS unit (type-approved)
    • A Wi-Fi router
    • Any pre-existing IP satcom device

    All transmissions are made via secure protocols (HTTPS type).

  • gps%20unit_r-ddce799f Electronic monitoring
    SeaTube components


    The system includes an external GPS unit to retrieve position information and can use the connectivity unit to relay this data on shore, etc.
    SeaTube accurately tags videos and updates the position watermark on the video periodically.

    On shore Solutions

    Satlink has designed a powerful suite of software tools to optimise the on-shore review of fishing videos and to provide an effective fleet management tool.

    • satlink-view-manager-software-web-d725b280 Electronic monitoring


      Satlink has developed its own proprietary software to offer the best tool to thoroughly analyse data obtained from EM systems and generate reports.
      The SVM provides all the necessary tools to review videos in a timely manner (i.e., speed and time filtering, synchronous camera player, sensor graphs, playback speed settings, etc.).
      It includes several default fishing profiles to assist EM analysts while tagging footage and offers a measuring tool to analyse fish sizes.
      Once the EM analyst work is completed, the SVM automatically generates reports in the different formats required by regulators.

    • fleet-management-tools_cuadrada-39d37463 Electronic monitoring


      Satlink has developed a web platform that allows regulators and fleet owners to efficiently manage their fishing operations in real time.
      This is particularly useful for real-time compliance objectives (i.e., compliance with fishing closure periods or corporate codes of conduct).
      This tool shows the position of each vessel in the fleet on a map and, if equipped with a broadband connectivity module, can display images at fixed intervals.

      captureidentificacion-web1 Electronic monitoring

      Machine Learning Tools

      Satlink is a pioneer in the development of ML models for EM review, and has deployed several tested tools for purse seine and longline fisheries:

      Longline fishery ML models
      Satlink Setting-Hauling
      Satlink Capture for catch detection (Specific report available on request)

      Purse seine fisheries ML models
      Satlink Brail Detector

      for more information request

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