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Smart Connected Vessel

The age of digitalisation

In recent years, connectivity is no longer an option but an imperative. And, as elsewhere, the maritime industry is also seeing a steady increase in data consumption and demand for connectivity. Our Connected Vessel project shakes the industry by providing vessels with end‑to‑end connectivity, thereby optimising ship operational efficiency, increasing safety and improving life and well-being on board.

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Optimising ship operational efficiency

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Increasing security

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Improving life and well-being on board

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Cost savings

Digitalisation for the maritime and fishing sectors

The advent of satellite broadband telecommunications has had a significant impact by speeding up the digitisation process of the fishing fleet, which is subject to increasingly demanding environmental, management and control regulations, as well as greater pressure on business viability. As such, the connected vessel not only helps to make fishery more efficient and sustainable, but also enables the use of fishing support apps requiring an internet connection (metocean information services, nautical charts, fishing gear, etc.).
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    Our project makes it possible to use apps to improve ship operational efficiency. Engine and cold room monitoring, preventive and proactive maintenance to avoid breakdowns, remote access for maintenance services and system updates, or route-planning and optimisation systems to save fuel are just some of the benefits of this Connected Vessel enabling full ship management.

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    Emergency and mayday calls, optionally featuring image or video transmission, along with access to updated real-time and forecast weather information, telemedicine and online medical assistance systems, as well as camera tracking and surveillance systems, increase safety on board while keeping all navigation systems up to date at all times.

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    On-board connectivity enhances crew well-being, facilitating constant communication with their families and the rest of the world and ensuring access to entertainment, news, instant messaging and social media platforms. In addition, this is a tool for attracting new seafarers and reducing crew turnover, as improving life and well-being on board leads to higher efficiency and productivity in working hours.

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