species identification for selective fishing

At Satlink, we adapt the latest acoustic studies to the fishing industry. This is how our innovative Selective DSF was born. It is a powerful technological tool aimed to contribute to the sustainability of tuna fishing around fish aggregating devices (FADs). Its unique double echo-sounder system allows fleets to obtain accurate information on the tonnage of fish present under the DSF and the composition of the different commercial tuna species. This is how it becomes the perfect aid to plan detailed fishing strategies and optimise fishing pressure, protecting stocks through efficient and sustainable fishing.

Allows fishing to be focused on target species, optimising fishing pressure.

Contributes to scientific knowledge on commercial tuna species and their sustainability.

Helps to comply with fishing quotas and other constraints by making fishing strategies more flexible.

Avoid fishing for juveniles and by-catch of non-target species.

Selectivity for sustainable fishing

The information on the various commercial tuna species provided by the Selective DSF makes it possible to focus fishing effort on target species, avoid fishing for juveniles and reduce by-catch of non-target species. Fleets can therefore make their fishing strategies more flexible and more easily comply with fishing quotas and limitations. At the same time, the Selective Buoy helps to actively protect the health of fish stocks and contributes to better scientific knowledge of tropical tuna species.
  • Selective buoy features


    Its unique simultaneous double sounding system provides information on the composition of species under the DSF. It reports the percentage of the top three tropical tuna  species, together with total estimated tonnes, for a more informed, efficient and sustainable fishing strategy.

  • Selective buoy features


    A must for decision-making, it allows easy viewing of biomass movement under the DSF during key tuna fishing hours. During the two hours around sunrise, the buoy takes soundings every minute and creates a graph to report what is happening under the buoy.

  • Selective buoy features


    New! The Selective DSF’s new motion sensor now sends information to easily identify situations such as the possible sinking or recovery of a buoy. Tilt and shock warnings, as well as status messages, help to know the status of the DSF in depth, at any time.

  • Selective buoy features

    SIMRAD ES16 Echo sounder

    The most advanced technology in its field. By using the ‘chirp’ pulse, it distinguishes plankton and other interferences much more accurately, giving much more precise estimates. In addition, its more efficient energy management means that the DSF can sound more frequently and send a greater amount of information.

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