Satlink SeaTube
(Electronic Monitoring / EM)

Technology for sustainable and efficient fishing



Satlink SeaTube is a video recording solution service installed on board vessels, allowing fishing companies to control and optimise the fishing activity on their boats.

Satlink SeaTube receives GPS information from an Inmarsat IDP equipment (which is approved by local governments), this is then used to input videos on the map and record the trajectory of the boat for further analysis.

Videos taken are recorded in HD quality (1280 x 720 @24FPS) and stored locally on encrypted hard drives which are mounted securely inside the Satlink Rack SeaTube. Data stored can be recovered both in a simple and safe way. This can then be analysed through the Satlink View Manager application installed by either the shipowner, or the government observer program.






Under minimum configuration the system uses 4 high definition cameras, however there is the option to use up to 8 cameras with the same level of quality.

The minimum recording capacity of the system is set to 4 months. Optionally, you are able to request a system with a storage capacity of up to 12 months.

Videos and frames produced are recorded locally with metadata and watermark, which subsequently proves the validity of the information attained.

For more information request the product sheet