Our solutions

For 30 years, Satlink has been developing technological solutions to ensure more efficient and sustainable fishing and better management of the oceans and fish stocks.

Solutions for the fishing industry

At Satlink we help the global fishing industry to be more efficient and sustainable. All our developments for the industry, from the intelligent DSF (Sustainable Fishing Devices) to our software platform that allows interpreting the information received, together with our oceanography or AIS services, are focused on improving fishing efficiency and sustainability.

Fleet management and monitoring

In 2000, Satlink marked a turning point when it developed its first Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) for the Spanish Ministry for Fisheries. In 2014, it launched its first Electronic Monitoring (EM) system. Both solutions, together with its portfolio of proprietary software platforms, make Satlink a world leader in fishing fleet management solutions, partnering with regulators and Governments around the world for better resource management.

Satellite communications

Satellite technology experts. This is Satlink’s DNA. The unique combination of leading satellite communications and equipment suppliers, coupled with our ability to understand customer needs and our local presence and support, allows us to offer and implement tailor-made solutions. We can therefore meet both the technical and financial needs of our customers, and cover everything from a preliminary analysis phase through to turnkey project delivery and support throughout the life of the project.

Designing and implementing the end-to-end solution allows us to guarantee its quality and provide value-added services to improve user operations and communications.