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Satlink’s Service Management Policy

SATLINK’s Management, within the strategy defined for the development of the business, considers the correct management of the services a fundamental aspect to guarantee the achievement of the defined objectives. Therefore, it undertakes to ensure the proper management of the services provided by the organization, in order to offer all interested parties the best guarantees regarding the quality of these services.

The services provided are only for the client MINISTERIO DE DEFENSA (MINISDEF), and SATLINK’s current scope of supply is:

«Acuerdo Marco para la contratación de servicios e infaestructuras de telecomunicaciones de la infraestructura integral de información para la defensa (I3D).» con referencia 2021/JCMDEF/00000070E

The objectives of this Service Management Policy are:

  • Ensure that services are aligned with the needs of our customers and users.
  • Improve communication between staff involved in the delivery of services and clients and users of those services.
  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of internal service delivery processes.
  • Offer customers and users higher quality services
    This commitment results in the following principles:
  • Comply with all applicable legal, normative and regulatory requirements.
  • To develop a complete management structure that regulates the conditions in which the organization, within the established scope, must develop its activity to respect the established requirements.
  • Allocate the resources and means necessary to develop the services with the levels of quality demanded by their recipients, maintaining an appropriate balance between cost and benefit.
  • Establish a Service Management Training and Awareness Plan to help all staff involved to understand and comply with defined management activities and to participate proactively in service management.
  • Develop all necessary measures to ensure that the quality levels offered by the services are maintained over time, adequately managing any incidents that may occur in relation to them.
  • To periodically establish a set of objectives and indicators in the area of service management that will enable management to carry out appropriate monitoring of both the levels of service offered and the management activities developed around them.
  • Establish a methodology for reviewing, auditing and continuous improvement of the system, following a PDCA cycle that guarantees the continuous maintenance of the desired levels of quality.

In order for these principles to be properly articulated, SATLINK establishes a series of guidelines around the service management activities developed by the organisation. These guidelines are as follows:

  • All personnel involved in the provision of services must continuously measure, review and improve the characteristics of the services provided to users. All staff shall ensure that the services provided comply with such service level agreements.
  • All services provided shall be adequately monitored so that the organisation is able to provide the customers of each service with all the information necessary to monitor all relevant characteristics of the service.
  • The service provided by the organisation will be adequately budgeted, as established in the budgeting and accounting policy, services are budgeted and accounted for taking into account both direct and indirect costs and including in these budgets both the initial costs and those arising from the periodic maintenance of the assets associated with each service. Budgeting involves predicting costs and controlling expenses.
  • All personnel involved in the provision of services shall ensure that the services provided satisfy the service demands of their respective users. Analyses and measurements will be carried out to ensure that both current and future capacity needs are adequately met, ensuring that customers’ capacity demands are met as efficiently as possible.
  • The information security risks of all the services provided by the organization will be analyzed and the associated controls necessary to mitigate the identified risks will be established. These security controls shall be carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Information Security Regulations.
  • Regular meetings will be held with the clients of the services provided by the organization, in order to identify their needs, monitor the level of satisfaction in relation to the services provided and identify any changes or requests for improvement of the services provided. The necessary measures will also be taken to manage any complaints that customers may have regarding the services provided.
  • Service level agreements will be established with suppliers involved in the provision of services to ensure that the service levels received from them are sufficient to meet the service levels that the organisation has subscribed to with its customers. Service levels received will be tracked and monitored in order to identify and correct any deviations that may affect the services offered to customers.
  • All persons within the organisation involved in the provision of services shall participate in the management of incidents related to the services provided, in order to restore as quickly as possible the normal levels of operation of the services and minimise the adverse impacts of such incidents on the organisation, ensuring that the levels of quality and availability agreed in the service level agreements are maintained.
  • All problems identified, both as a result of preventive identification activities and those escalated from an incident, will be properly analysed until the underlying cause of the error is identified and the necessary corrective actions to correct or mitigate its effects will be established.

Madrid, a 8 de Junio de 2022

Signed: General Director